Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Drawing Room Restoration

May 2010 The Drawing Room before Restoration

May 2010 The drawing room before restoration

May 2010 Structural Distress in Flooring leading to sweating of the floor
Sept 2012 Careful removal of the sweated flooring to conduct investigations to understand the cause of structural distress
Sept 2012 Investigation pits were dug to investigate the sweating of the floor
October 2013 Careful hacking of the cement plaster

October 2013 Cement plaster removed and masonry allowed to breathe
January 2014 All cement plaster is removed and the masonry is ready for a the first coat of plaster

February 2014 First coat of lime plaster applied and lime concrete floor consolidated

March 2014 Thats how the first coat of coarse plaster looked when first applied

July 2014 All cornices have been rebuilt in lime mortar after the second coat of finishing plaster has been laid and dried

Sept 2014 Working in a house in the walled city with no extra space meant the drawing room doubles up as the carpentry workshop and the finishing is on hold for a couple more months. The good news is even after rains through the winter and the monsoon, there is no rising damp observed.
October 2014 Work begins in the drawing room as the scaffolding goes up
October 2014 Finishing work in Lime Plaster for the haveli begins
October 2014 The intricate fanlights are meticulously restored on site by the local carpenters
October 2014 This wall which always had seepage till 7' is now free from damp, the miracle of lime mortar is hence proved. 4 years later Mr Bagla is finally convinced that lime is the best material for his restoration work
November 2014 We are now ready to lay our flooring, the craftsmen are getting their levels right
November 2014 And so we began laying the black and white chequered flooring to match the original
December 2014 The room is beginning to take shape

December 2014 The room begins to take shape
December 2014 The fanlight is now fixed
December 2014 The other fanlights are ready for installation
January 2015: The textured local glass is now fixed
January 2015: Piece by piece the grandeur is returning
January 2015 Locally made handles adorn the restored historic doors
January 2015 We inch closer to restoring its original glory
May 2015: And we are ready to move in!

May 2015: The light fittings add to the ambiance
May 2015: We await the furniture now

May 2015: Awaiting the furniture now

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