Friday, 31 January 2014

Ground Breaking Ceremony

The restoration project finally began in full swing in January 2014. Having planned the project, one of the most important task was to appoint a contractor who could implement our vision on the ground. The peculiarity of the project was that it was a conservation and restoration project with a very strong interior design component. Thus it was extremely important for the contractor to be someone who was proficient in the interiors as well as conservation.

The contractors for this project were chosen as "Paras Construction" run by a couple Shilpa & Muneesh based in Ghaziabad, a suburb of Delhi. Their speciality was interior design and build and being "hands on" contractors they were able to grasp the nuances of conservation work rather quickly!

As per typical Indian traditions, before the work on site began, a small pooja/ ground breaking ceremony was organised to take the blessing of  the almighty to ensure the smooth functioning of the project.

The preparations for the pooja
Shilpa, the contractor performing the rituals and performing the pooja for the machinery

The Contractors familiarising themselves with the project

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