Friday, 15 November 2013

Site Discoveries- Masonry

Based on the historical research from the historical maps and books available we were able to draw up an analysis of the historical evolution of the haveli at the beginning of the project in 2010.

When we started opening up the site in 2013, we were trilled when most of our theoretical research started getting corroborated with physical findings.

Drawing Room Fireplace Wall (May 2010)
The fireplace after plaster has been begun to hacked, demonstrating the two distinct layers of brickwork the traditional lakhori brick masonry in a brownish mortar and a modular brick masonry in a grey cement mortar causing the rising damp

Behind the layers of plaster are the original alaas in lakhori brick masonry set in lime mortar and the subsequent infill brickwork done in cement mortar
Foundations of walls from the 19th century made in lakhori brick masonry were found when we excavated the damaged and swollen lime concrete flooring in the rooms.
Foundations of the 19th Century walls visible in the rooms indicating that the rooms were extended in the 20th century
Remnants of fluted sandstone columns were found buried below the flooring in the drawing room

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